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Meet Our Current 

dumb. Ambassadors!


We are super stoked to have Rocco as our STAR dumb. Ambassador! This energetic and talented young man has been skateboarding since the age of three.  With a lot of practice and persistence, he has now dialed in his favorite skate trick the “Kick-Flip!” You’ll have to Google skater terms to understand this gnarly slang! Rocco also has a tender heart and volunteers in his free time to help people in need. Be on the lookout for this future Pro-Skater, for he is well on his way!

Rocco Picture.jpg

A Tee for “T” please! Tabor has been a fan of the dumb brand since the day she put on her first dumb shirt she knew she was hooked! In addition to her aspiration to become a famous singer, being recognized in her community for volunteering her free time to help others makes her feel like a true American idol.


This guy’s sense of humor is off the charts! With his witty personality, he’ll have you laughing out of your seats! He’s energetic and loves to make people smile. When he’s not rushing touchdowns on the football field, you’ll find him working on his “varial kickflip” at the skatepark! He’s determined to put in the work, because he’s got what it takes to become a Pro-Skater one day! He also enjoys volunteering at his church and spreading the “good word!” 

Luke Ambassador.jpg

There is a new evolution in the world of hip-hop and this girl is bringin' it two steps forward! When it comes to originality and free-stylin', Mya has it down to perfection! Her poppin' and lockin' will have you cheering for more! As awesome as she is at doing the "running man" she also has a very caring heart. She enjoys helping out at her local animal shelter, caring for the cats and dogs. In the future Mya wants to have a career that involves helping people and contributing to positive change in our world.


Meet Chase, this Native born Austinite from the Lone Star State! When he’s not mastering his “frontside shuvit” or” fakie big flip” at the skate park, you’ll most likely find him at home in the kitchen working on his cookin’ skills! Y’all, he’s fixin’ to be a chef when he grows up! Chase is a huge advocate for animals and for their welfare. He also has a big heart for people and loves to volunteer his free time in his local community. He enjoys preparing meals and distributing clothing to others in need. The greatest triumph for him at the end of the day is knowing that he helped make a difference in the lives of others. 

Carlin's bio pic.jpg

Hello Hollywood, this future STAR is on her way! Carlin loves to take the stage not only to perform dance recitals, but for her acting skills as well! With a bubbly personality and a natural flair to entertain, she’s got all the credentials to walk the red carpet! She also enjoys volunteering at her local high school’s yearly dance tryouts.  She helps the participants by giving them encouragement and calms their anxious nerves. She’s all about building people up and letting their voices be heard!  Carlin proudly supports all people and wants equality for all.     


This young man wears many hats, or should we say helmets! Whether or not he’s on the field starting as Kick Returner or Wide Receiver, Patrick is always “game on” when it comes to any tackle. When he’s not running the ball up the football field, you’ll most likely find him at his local skatepark working on his Heelflip and Tre Flip! Talk about multifaceted! Another passion of Patrick's is to inspire and educate others on the precautions we can take when it comes to treating our Planet more responsibly. Patrick also likes to volunteer his free time at church, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. The only challenge ahead for this native Texan, is deciding which NFL Team he’ll be playing for. #GOTEXANS


When Kazes isn’t training in the U.S Army she’s holding down a full-time job taking care of our troops. She has a soft spot for helping people in need. When Kazes is off the clock she enjoys wearing her amazingly soft dumb tank along with her favorite leggings. She loves that she can dress it up or keep it casual. It’s always a conversation starter when she’s out in public. She says it makes her heart happy when she gets the opportunity to share dumb’s message and mission.

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