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You’re on a roll and proudly representing the dumb. brand at the same time!  

These custom skateboards are made from 100% Canadian Maple and pressed at the source into modern shapes. The boards are strong with massive pop that skateboarders of any skill level will enjoy. Graphics are printed by hand in Denver, Colorado, and use high grade inks to create the most vibrant colors possible -  creating a professional level skateboard with unmatched quality. No slipin’ off this board, we have included a sheet of  9 X 33 inch Griptape. (Wheels and Trucks ARE NOT included.)

dumb. skate deck

  • Returns only available for damaged product - please reach us at

  • It usually takes between 5-10 days to produce the deck from the date the order is placed. US orders are shipped via UPS ground, which takes 3-5 days. The custom board will come directly from Boardpusher. Please allow up to 14 Business Days for delivery.

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